Hi Everyone! This is Balint and today I’m answering Brian’s question which was,

“which is better Integromat or Zapier?”

So, as a quick recap these tools are connectors. They connect apps and you can synchronize data between them or have some sort of action. For example, this article was uploaded by a pure. Because I put the article in to a Google Drive and Zapier don’t uploaded it to website. Just a small example but we concentrate on BOTS mainly. It’s mainly the user does something and then the bot which you have react and then sends the data to Instagram at or Zapier. Then something happens maybe it’s a CRM that you use. Maybe you get a notification and maybe you want to send some data back. For example from a Google sheet or Google Calendar or have a countdown or there’s so many opportunities. Also read our article on How to Buy a good laptop.

Functionalities | Zapier VS Integromat

Here I’m not going to go into details. But that’s just a quick overview of how this software can help you. Alright so let’s take an overview on what we going to review today. I would say let’s jump into it, so the functionalities both are very powerful. I have to give it to Instagram at because it’s a little bit more advanced with what you can do. But I wouldn’t say as a peer is it’s not as clever as a peer. Just has a different functionality. So let me just quickly go over what you have in Zapier. So you have all the apps as a trigger and then you can use the built-in apps to do something with this. For example you can set up a delay if you want. You can translate the whole text into something or create a web hook which is very powerful for other our format things.

So that’s something that Zapier adds to the table and if I go to Instagram you have all these tools. Here as well you can route our filter ignore set variables and all these tools and if you go into here. Let me just go here for example if I want to set an attribute then I have all these impossibility inside of Integromat as well. So I can add numbers or I can use something for example a time stamp which you can do by Zapier as well. Both of these very powerful if you have a specific functionality that you don’t really know. If you could do it you have a better chance with Integromat. But I think they are covered with both of them quite well.

Integration Applications

Zapier has been on the market for quite a while. It has over a thousand integrations and if I take a look at what Zapier offers I don’t think we have it. But yeah the apps this is what I have. If you scroll down here you probably find an app that you use in your marketing tool set. and yeah but which is not on Zapier. It’s probably not net used in terms of automation or they probably will add it to it. Okay one of the things that Zapier is batteries money jet. If you use money chat Zapier has a better native integration for chat fuels that pair only has an action and no trigger. It’s the other way around with Instagram ads. I don’t have the apps or Instagram that has jet fuel added. Not so long ago they actually haven’t even updated the logo.

Here are the services by Instagram and if you take a look there are plenty of them. Many of the main big services that you use are here already. They are adding more and more and both of them have web hooks as well. If you have the ability to add something extra from a software that doesn’t have integration. Direct integration with them then you can use that with jet fuel. As of the BOT builders Integromat has a better integration on native integration with the trigger function as well. But you can play around with both with the web hooks. Check out on Personal Finance Trends You Must Avoid.


I have to give this to Zapier as well it has a little bit cleaner interface less room to failure. So to say and I believe the learning curve is smaller. You have a trigger and you can set access. It’s quite linear and also it’s a little bit limited more limited to compared with Integromat. But in terms of usability that’s what you have you can just create what you want to. Like send text message to the user and if you here have a trigger. It can be that the user reaches a certain point of the interaction in terms of the conversation on messenger. One other thing with Zapier is that you can like, if you fail or didn’t set up something correctly it’s a little bit more straightforward with the integral Matt. According to my experience with others that is a little bit more like tricky to figure out what’s the issue here. In a way it’s very straightforward here as well. So you don’t have to worry about that much to be honest.

Pricing or Free Plan

Here is the biggest difference I believe between the two software. Integromat has a very better free option and also the pricing is a little bit friendlier. So let’s take a look at what Integromat has to offer. So as you can see there are thousand operations for on the free plan. There is a data limit so if you have images or something that is a bigger then it’s probably not the best or you have to take care of this as well. Otherwise if it’s just a little simple data I wouldn’t be so scared of this. As you can see on the paid plans it gets very bigger and many of the interactions that we used which had BOTS are instant. But this is how it goes down with the timing. So if it’s something that you want to do it like once a day or something then it don’t have to be worry about.

Like how often does it activate the system and one thing which is a little bit tricky here is that if you have a something like a monitoring activity in a sheet then it triggers every 15 minutes. For example if you set to 15 minutes converts the Zapier when it just only triggers. Only counts as an operation. If it triggers if the sheet is changed so let’s take a look at the EPI as pricing and as you can see. Let’s see like the 29 per month has 40,000 operations and if I go over to Zapier if I find it here on my computer then you can see that I don’t have the free plan. But the free plan is limited to action so you cannot have multi stabs apps. So it can be one simple trigger and one action. It cannot be that you send back on ads for. It cannot be that you have something booked and then you transform a whole data.


I have various experiences with both of the software. I heard positive from both sides. What I see as the chat pod builders that Instagram is a little bit more open to this. They have some sort of support via Facebook. Now they used to have a forum and but there’s a peer with paid accounts. Especially it’s very okay to get the answers but I hear stories. So I never really satisfied it supports anyway. I cannot give thumbs up for. Well there are few software’s I would get thumbs up but these are none of them.


Alright so overall I would say it’s a close match up and there are a couple of things if you consider that make Instagram a better option. they will add on many chat as well soon. I guess the interactions and apps will be pretty much closer to the zappy. Respond with a couple of months later as they expand and if you are in a budget or consider the pricing options or the free plans then it’s a very better deal. One of the things are a small tip I want to give you is that you can use both of them. For example I showed you this calendar thing I could do in a way that the calendar triggers has appear wrap hook. Then it takes over to Instagram and Instagram places all chance. So there are things that you can do it just only your time and imagination that can limit you here. That’s about it let me know in the comments which do you use which do you like what is your experience. I’m stoked to read these and see you in the next article. Getting and Staying Healthy whole life.


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