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USA-Made Peptides by Loti Labs

Determining the purity of peptides is one of the most critical factors that must be understood prior to undergoing any in vivo study involving research subjects. The purity of the peptide used will play a vital role in whether your study produces consistent results.

Percentages at a Glance

One of the most important aspects of any peptide is, of course, the purity of the given substance. This metric lets you know whether the substance you are using for your study has any adulterants, pollutants or simply parts of the amino chain that have broken out of formation, thereby rendering them useless. On Average for pharmaceutical grade peptides you should see anywhere from 98%-99%+. Depending on the needs of your study, peptides can be purchased from some manufacturers with purity as low as 70%. However, this is never recommended.

Lower Percentages and Research Results

Naturally, the closer a peptide is to 100% purity the more integrity any given study will have. Thereby more likely to perform in the way that it was intended and provide results of equal value.

Alternately, the lower the purity of a peptide the more variables exist within the study. Impurities of a peptide could be anything from a simple broken bond all the way to adulterants.

  • Incomplete de-protected sequences
  • Truncated or shortened peptide sequences
  • Removed peptide sequences
  • Other by-products of processes that pertain to protein synthesis
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Due to this it is well known that anyone who is conducting in vitro research will want to ensure that they are buying peptides of the highest purity level to ensure the quality of their result. Anything less than a 98% purity may produce results that are less than satisfactory and put the entire study at risk of returning incomplete results.

How is purity tested?

Most peptide manufacturers will include HPLC and mass spectrometry reports with the batch that they are producing for you. Also, you will likely be able to pick a purity level that suits you best. Lower purity always equals lower costs.

It should also be noted that your larger proteins such as IGF are perfectly suitable to have a purity of 96%+ due to the chain being much larger.

In conclusion

There are many peptide manufacturers on the market today and they are all too happy to provide you with their business. Be sure that you are buying USA-made peptides with purity reports attached to ensure that your study receives the highest and most accurate results.

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