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Top Checklist Of Setting Up Laboratory Pass-Through Desiccators

As you are planning to set up a laboratory, you will have to think about buying several lab instruments, lab furniture and cabinets etc. The pass-through desiccator is one of the important additions to a cleanroom. This is needed to pass on items from one chamber to another though the pass-through channel, and protect the lab environment and the item passed from being affected with changes in humidity, air pressure, and cross contamination. The pas-through desiccator also works in reducing cost and time spend on passing items from one unit to another in laboratories. That is why they are important part of a setup, and hence must be chosen after some understanding of the right product type. Some checkpoints are there to check for while buying a pass-through desiccator. They are discussed here.

Look for the make material

Pass through desiccators are made from plastic or stainless steel. If you are choosing a plastic built then make sure it is made from polypropylene. This is one of the safest and stable plastic polymers which is being used in the making of laboratory equipments. Nontoxic and easy to purge with sanitizers, polypropylene made desiccators with doors and shelves of this material are good to use and durable too. Even better is the use of stainless steel because of the longevity and structural metallic strength of steel. Stainless steel is nontoxic and nonreactive, and is easy to clean and keep contamination free. That is why you should check for the grade and quality of stainless steel used in the pass-through desiccator model you are seeing.

Look for the locking system

The locks in the door of the Multi-Chamber Desiccator Cabinets must be tough to seal the door, very well functional and yet smooth to handle. Also the door lock must be designed to keep one door forcefully closed while the other one at the other end is open. This is a compulsory checkpoint. If a door can be opened while another one at opposite side is still open, then this would be a serious problem with the unit.


The shelves in a pass-through desiccator should have two options. Adjustable shelves are good for handling and increasing or decreasing space inside a pass-through desiccator cabinet. This helps in passing bigger items if needed by removing a shelf or adjusting the shelf height. Also metal shelves must be perforated in design to reduce their surface area and thereby reduce chances of particle accumulation and contamination. The perforation would then also help in purging the desiccator shelves and insides with nitrogen or other sanitizers and get the sanitizers pass though the small holes.

Gasket on doors

The doors of a pass-through desiccator must be air tight. To make them air tight, gaskets are added to the door insides which seals them properly while closing, and avoids entry of air through any little crack or crevice. You must check the doors for this air sealing technology too.

Wrapping it up

Now that you know the various things to check before buying a pass-through desiccator you would be able to make a smart purchase. Also read our article on WHERE TO FIND BEST LAB EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS?

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