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Best Foil Razors for Men

It is an electric razor which has a thin layer of metal foil which covers the blades and saves your skin with direct contact of sharp blades, so if you have a sensitive skin so the foil razor is a best choice for you. You can achieve safe, close and smooth shave while using foil shavers. When you want a good and smooth shave you must go for a best electric razor, so the foil razor is a best choice for you.

Some of the best foil razors are discussed below.



If you want clean, close and smooth shave so this Panasonic ES8243A ARC4 is a best choice for you. There is a solution in this razor for those who have sensitive skin and they want shave without irritation. Four blades are used in this razor which provides you a closer shave. This razor has flexible pivoting shaving head for maintaining uniform motion while shaving the chin.

It has a high performance linear motion which has designed to shave at 13.000 CPM which helps you for peak shaving at all times. This razor never get slow down during the whole time of shaving provides you a closer shave.

Instead of using trimmer after having shaved with the razor you can use this razor also as a trimmer because this razor comes with a pop-up trimmer helping you to trim your face properly. There are some peoples who want dry shave and rest of other want wet shave so this razor is a best choice for both wet and dry shavers. If you don’t have time for wet shave or you are going on a trip or you want shave during travel so you can quickly do dry shave while on other hand if you have time so you can do wet shave with shaving cream and gel. This razor also have feature of indicating battery status.



This razor is high end well-crafted shaver, as the price of this razor is high from other razors but the performance of this razor is also much better than other razors. This is a best razor for long beards as this razor have been tested on long beards, because this razor has advance shaving technology.

There are five synchronized shaving elements in this razor which helps you to shave more hair in a first stroke. The five elements included in this razor helps you for cutting and there is a skin guard in this so both five elements and skin guard together provides you easy, close shave without irritation. There are titanium-coated blades which provide you clean cut as well as this razor has advanced flexible shaving head.

This razor has two specialized trimmers that can remove even the most stubborn hair. There is an auto sensing motors capable of 10,000CPM provides you an efficient shave. Because of these featured it provides you efficient shave even on thick beards.

There are both wet and dry shave features in this razor. As this razor is 100% water proof so you can do wet shave using this razor even under the shower or through gel, shaving cream etc. Cleaning the razor is very important factor if you want to use a razor for long time and want a good performance from the razor till end. So this razor comes with 5-action clean & charge station which cleans the shaver hygienically and also lubricating and charging it.

This razor has 50 minutes of charging backup after one hour of charging. This shaver also has led which indicates the charging time.



This electric razor is lightweight so it’s easy to make your grip on this razor while shaving as this razor can easily move around your face because of its light weight. As it is good choice for travel.

This shaver comes with hypo-allergenic foil heads provides you clean and comfortable shave. The battery time of this shaver is also very good as compared to other shavers. It provides 80 minutes of charge backup after getting full charged. It is a best foil shaver for barber’s.

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