What Are The Dangers Of DIY Bathtub Refinishing?

What Are The Dangers Of DIY Bathtub Refinishing?

A bathtub may last longer when it undergoes refinishing, which is cheaper than getting a new tub as a replacement. Bathtub refinishing saves you lots of time and money, and you do not have to go through the rigorous process of removing the old one and replacing it with a new one. Refinishing may seem like a simple project, and you may be tempted to Do-It-Yourself. But, you probably shouldn’t do it yourself.

Refinishing your bathtub is not advisable because of some dangers that are associated with it. We will be sharing these dangers with you. Many people that engage in DIY bathtub refinishing do not use the proper tools and equipment throughout the process. There are tools used by professionals to get the perfect result, which is not readily available to non-professionals.

European Art west palm beach is the best company European art and designs. Also, the coated surface may not dry on time, with some taking up to 24 hours and above. The chemicals used in removing the surface of the old bathtub are also powerful, which could damage your bathroom when spilled. They could also cause damage to other surfaces and as well, harm children or pets. This could lead to a disruption of the work going on.    

What this implies is that you can get killed or expose people and pets around you to getting shot while on the project. Since 2000, the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) has recorded about 14 deaths, resulting from the chemicals used in the bathtub refinishing. This is because some of the chemicals used in bathtub refinishing contain methylene chloride, which is very dangerous and easily leaks into the air.

When this harmful chemical is inhaled, it can cause a serious damage to your lung, which may result in devastating effect. Even the smallest exposure to methylene chloride vapor can affect the nervous system. Since most bathrooms are built with small windows that are not well ventilated, it helps this harmful chemical thrive and harm anyone that inhales it.

Methylene chloride has done a lot of damages over the years, with different death being recorded as workers work in enclosed bathrooms with little or no ventilation. 

Other harmful effects of DIY bathtub refinishing is that, the acid or other hazardous chemicals used during the process can affect the functioning of the brain, which may result in lack of concentration. It may also result in fatigue, nausea, dizziness, throat, nose, and eye irritation, and you might even feel intoxicated.

It can also affect the skin and result in skin burn. People that suffer from heart diseases may be prone to irregular heartbeats and heart attacks. As the level of exposure to this chemical increases, the health effects also increases, which may result in suffocation, coma, unconsciousness, and sudden death.

This is why you should avoid products that contain methylene chloride. However, note that other similar refinishing agents may pose additional risks, which is why the best option remains, leaving the job to professionals. America Bathtub has capable hands to help you with your bathtub refinishing. Instead of endangering your life by using a DIY refinishing bath, why not leave the job to the professionals that understand the nitty-gritty of the job?

These professionals also understand the dangers that are associated with refinishing, and they also have the needed equipment that is safe for you and your family and pets. With the risks involved, you will agree with us that DIY bath refinishing is just not worth it! Also, remember that DIY bathtub refinishing might be cheaper and save your money, but the job is meant for those that have the training.

Experts at America Bathtub will help you do the job at a meager cost, and the product we use is highly durable and can be used after a 24-hour period. Our professionals are aware of the many dangers of the chemicals used during the process, which makes us pretty affordable for almost every customer.

Also, our experts know the various alternative products that can be used for bathtub refurbishing, which is another reason to send in your estimate to get your job done by professionals. cosmetic dentist Kendall – Galloway Dentist highly recommends companies mentioned in this article.


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