The beginning of a course in miracles workbook is indeed a fascinating story. It all began by the enthusiasm shared between two professors of medical psychology between years of 1965–1972 at the Columbia University. Along with their colleagues, they were able to publish the entire course on June 26, 1976. By now it has been able to sell about 3 million copies in more than twenty five various native languages.  

If you are interested in a little background, all you need to know is that it was a result of shared passion between two people who also had the same perspective. One being Helen Schucman and other being William Thetford. They both were well known professors of psychology. They were not really the most spiritual beings you could hang out around with but they surely knew of what matters. They did not get along so well with each other which is why they had a lot of trouble accepting that they could make something great by working with each other. They were often arguing over how to do things better and they were both very much conscious about their image in the society. They had invested a lot of mental and material effort into the making of this Acim. Not to say they couldn’t, they were wealthy enough to be doing so. Nevertheless, they had done everything according to the law always and were very on point with their intentions.

They faced troubles in the start when they decided to do joint venture together. They had some faith that they were willing to get into their work. To emphasize on the latter part, it was important for the venture to have a goal to work towards and that’s where spirituality stepped in.

A Summary to a course in miracles workbook

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If you are wondering what this is, it is in its purest form a reminder to turn back to spirituality and the healing that has always been at the core centre of the values shared by both partners. You can easily get a very simple and transparent process of how to go about it and approach things that come from a very practical point of view. This consists of mainly 3 sections which have;

The ACIM Text

This has pages which tell about the different concepts throughout the book. Then there is a workbook which has lessons in it. This is great for learning, especially at a young age. We also have ACIM Manual for Teachers which has different terms that can be used to make people understand the different concepts with more clarity. Then there are also supplements which are purely for the purpose of healing the human brain. The process includes practice of various songs of prayer and for forgiveness and healing also. This is in accordance with the teachings by the course and applies to the different fields of psychotherapy and the modality of prayer.

There are many people who enjoy participating in the various forms of retreats and even though you may feel like you are a very spiritual person, you may have a lot to unlearn and help others in their struggle if they are dealing with something similar. If you are facing issues on the day to day basis, this is great stuff for you. You will find it easier to open up and share stuff about yourself with others and especially the experiences that are considered helpful.

There are many who sign up to have that spiritual connection that they have been missing all their lives. When people look for something deeper, they find it all eventually and this is what has motivated most users of the Acim to realize the potential of this space and the course in itself. Many have found this to relieve their inner burdens and place their faith deeper in the hands of God. It leaves them feeling happier and more satisfied with life. There is nothing left but a lot of love for those who seek better things in life.

Most of our users have reported feeling instantly inspired as soon as they start the course. They have confirmed the success that we wanted to achieve for so long and now it is so heartfelt that more people are joining and our community is expanding like never before.

“I am able to trust good people now more easily and I have more power to see what I did wrong and to not do it again” says one of the users. So as you can see this one experienced a heavy weight lift off her shoulders and now is ready to go into the tiresome process of draining the negative energy out but we have made that easier too. Using our advised curriculum, anyone can get rid of any sorts of pains instantly and simply. It is a fun and easily doable process for which there is not much required but the efficiency of the system in itself. So anyone is free to freely and joyfully share their insights so we can keep on with it.

Still feeling low?

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First of all we can guarantee that this course will make you sway those negative emotions in the other directions but in case it is unable to do that, you can always connect on the greater side of things and uncover the unaware beliefs that have been keeping you from feeling positive about life in general. And this will be our greatest gift to you! If you find yourself asking that the negative emotions might resurface and bother you, you can use out spirit to really have that change of thought. This is great for you if after the course you are still bothered by the emotions of anger, depression etc. You can use this to walk through any process that you think you have not been able to heal properly from.

Moreover, we are extremely happy to share so happy to share stuff with you all regarding the ACIM conferences that we hold along with the retreats we have for our users. You can connect yourself with us in various other ways. We are a vast network that will only keep expanding so join us if you wish to witness a positive change in societal behavior.

You can easily opt for our monthly retreat packages which gives you a chance to leave it all behind for a little while and indulge yourself in things like never before. This can be amazing for you if you are someone who likes to see what is up with people time to time but cannot understand them. We can help you. Just follow this link below and become a part of this expanding network.

When you attend an online retreat, you get to experience heart-opening sessions, intimate connections, and a safe space to share your thoughts right in the comfort of your own home. Spiritual growth is what we try to achieve in our collaborative venture. We have been so excited about getting more people to join in this already vast care group that we tend to be.

Ever since it began, it has been opening doors to people from all religions to extend their arms towards the Living Miracles community. We also like to encourage people to join and  embrace to learn what Jesus’ message was. Therefore this is a big part of all our personal retreat courses. If you feel like you can bring a change you can always volunteer to do so. You can also have multiple sessions going on to recover whatever you need to learn with the Acim conferences that go round. If you need help in deciding what to do next, you can always look upto people who share a similar background.

If you find anyone struggling, feel free to refer them to us and we can get them in the course. We have always tried to be the best at what we do and we hope more people will join us in the cause for A Course in Miracles Monastery. Another news is that it is always not very much possible to keep everyone happy but the course that we have, has that unique ability. No one leaves sad or unsatisfied. You can count on us to always make these a success. We will try to give out information about new ACIM events as soon as possible and meanwhile you can explore our website through the links in this article to find out more about us and read first hand reviews to make sure that you are signing up for the correct course. We hope you like the journey and that it changes you inside out. You can find a lot more about our a course in miracles teachers.


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