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How to look your best in pictures

Whenever an event is near, the thing everyone thinks of is their final look as it will b recorded as a memory for a long time. It is inevitable that you will be in countless photos. Most of the people are not naturally photogenic so we tend to shy away from photos. However we have compiled for you some ways through which you can achieve the flawless photogenic look and have a good time you will never forget!

Study Photos Of Yourself

The first thing to getting better pictures is to know your face and body and how they work in different postures and which one looks the best to you. You can grab some old photographs that you are not proud of and swap them for the ones you think you look better in. Observe the difference in the angle and see what works better for you. Study your different poses in a thorough manner and try to spot a pattern of what suits you.

Then the next time you are taking pictures, recreate the same angles and poses. For example if you tend to blink in pictures, you can try closing your eye right before the picture is being taken and open them before the click. And to get rid of the double chin you can elongate your neck and push your face forward. This will helps you get a more refined look. If you think your smile is too wide, you can try having your tongue behind your teeth which will elongate the chin more.

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you have spotted what works for you the best in pictures you can begin practicing. Make sure to spend some time on this step. You can begin by working out various angles and poses which you have done in earlier pictures. A lot of people look better with a side face rather than looking straight into the camera.

Purchase The Right Makeup

Wearing the right makeup goes a long way to getting the perfect picture. The flash and lens can set the look or destroy it. It is important to alter the beauty routine according to the setting around you. Make sure to use makeup that defines your face. Similarly, the flash and lens can make you look washed out and diminish. Your features which is why extra makeup may be needed.

You can have a mattifying full coverage makeup base to keep your skin smooth looking and shine free. You can get rid of SPF makeup for night time or low lighted room. So it doesn’t make your face look whiter if the picture is taken under the flash. You can avoid products with shimmer. Get rid of shine by having some translucent powder on your forehead, nose and chin. The best way to structure face is through contour and highlighter. Make sure to put some blush on the nose area to make it look natural.

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