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How to Do YES/NO Tarot Reading for Instant Answers?

Tarot is mainly used to seek answers to more insightful and more profound questions but is also used widely to get definitive YES/NO answers.

Many readers do not believe in the use of Yes or NO Tarot card Reading as it is supposed to create more confusion because traditionally tarot cannot provide reliable answers, mainly because:

  • Future cannot be predicted. Even if it gives a vague picture of your future events, it is never set in stone. Just like any other fortune telling toll its readings and predictions can change based on your present actions and choices.
  •  A standard deck of tarot cards does not have specific yes or no tarot cards, limiting its use to answer specific questions.

However, despite all the confusions and apprehension, yes or no tarot spreads are being used worldwide to answer life-changing questions.Fortunately, several free tarot yes or no spreads can provide quick answers to questions like “should I buy a car? Shall I invest in share market?

Useful yes or no Tarot Spreads

With time multiple tarot reading methods have developed for providing definitive solutions. Generally, for yes/no reading, you are supposed to choose Court cards and place them in a separate pile. Court cards like Paige, Knight, Queen, and King relates to people and can be effectively used to answer fixed questions.

The article below will talk about a few tarots reading yes or no methods which can provide accurate answers.

One Card Draw

This is the simplest, yet the most effective of all spreads and requires just a single draw. It provides instant solutions to your questions in a yes, no, or maybe answers. Once you have got the answer and interpreted the meaning of the card drawn, you can move ahead asking different questions to see its relation with other people and future events.

The Three-Card Spread

This is another form of tarot spreads and layouts. To use this, pick three cards from your tarot deck and place them one by one from left to right, ensure that you are very clear about the question while picking up the cards and placing them.

After placing the cards, count how many cards says yes and how many say no. Whichever counts more will be the answer to your question. For instance, if you get two No and a single Yes, then your final solution is a No. In comparison to the single card draw, this spread provides more clarity and insight into what is standing as an obstacle in your way and give a more definite and specific answer.

The Five card Yes or No Tarot spread

This is a simple layout of the most commonly used five card tarot spread. To start with, think of a question in your mind and then start shuffling your cards and place them in a horizontal layout.

You get a definite answer if all cards are either Yes or No while anything in between will give you a response depending on the respective count.

Once you have the final answer in your hand, you may interpret the cards as per your specifications. You may alternately try understanding each card separately as you move ahead. This will change the ultimate answer and will affect the next card in line.

Let’s take an example for better understanding.

Card 1: Hermit: Suppose it says No, warning you not to repeat the same mistake. (advises you to think again before taking any action)

Card 2: Sun: Yes:  suggests that new things are coming your way. (It indicates that change is constant and be open to it, do not make the same mistake again)

Card 3: Six of Cups: Yes: It says that change is the rule of the Universe and (it’s good to accept it in a positive manner)

Card 4: Seven of Pentacle: Yes: Be patient while going through the change. (Let it happen entirely otherwise you will commit the same mistake again).

Card 5: Four of Wands: Yes: If everything is done completely. (Your patience will help in making the changes long lasting and effective). Then the final answer is a Yes.

Although some readers do not trust the idea of free yes or no tarot reading, It’s proving to be an effective and useful method for finding definitive answers. As explained earlier in this article, several spreads can be used for yes or no tarot starting from simple and straightforward methods to more in-depth and insightful ranges. Keep experimenting until you find the best spread for yourself. Check you yes no tarot list today for personal enlightenment and illuminating your life with your past, present and future events.

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