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Here’s how you can inspire yourself

Whether you are in school or office, you will have to go through the process of constantly generating new ideas in order to keep up with the creativity of your peers. The one thing you need to know is how to go about it without losing too much time on it and maintaining its integrity as an original idea. Here are some ways;

Get the timing right

For a lot of people, morning is a good time to get creative. People tend more relaxed after lunch. The very first day of the week which is Monday is often cursed about by us all but it is not so bad to bring in fresh ideas for the week and follow up on them.

Look outside for inspiration

If you are stuck in your bubble, try looking elsewhere for inspiration. Outside of the area of your context works fine to work with. It’s good to be aware of what’s happening around you outside your design field and you get the chance to compete and be inspired by the things around you. For example, you are working on a project that involves a book cover; then you should start off by taking inspiration from those.

Give full disclosure

Everyone who is a part of the team should be aware of the briefing details and thus able to help you out. If you are holding back anything, don’t. Try being extremely transparent with your fellows and then encourage them to do the same. If there is something that you think is not very important, still include it but make it clear that it is secondary information.

Question the brief

Ask yourself questions while you are designing. This way you will not need other people’s critique as you yourself would know the flaws of your design and will be able to brainstorm it better. The process of generating good ideas is a part of the process so trust the process. Question everything and ask yourself if it fully answers your queries and if it is a good solution. You need to have as thorough a purpose as you can.

Sit around a proper table

Don’t just think about your ideas and procrastinate. You will never know how good or bad an idea is unless you experiment with it. You can play around with tons of ideas in your head but they will never come to reality unless put on paper. So grab a nice table with is comfortable and look for an easy chair. Don’t choose bed or extremely comfortable furniture to work on as it might make you lay and prone to sleep. You can be more creative when fully active and attentive.

Go back to basics with physical things

Take a break from the technical stuff like software programs and embrace the power of the hand to make the brain put its magic onto paper. The best studios are the ones which have a whole lot of clutter around their workspace so they have the autonomy to occupy themselves with paints and brushes to do some creative sketches.

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