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E-Cigs Endorsed by the UK as a Stop Smoking Method

It’s well known that the UK is far ahead of much of the rest of the world when it comes to e-cig awareness and the benefits they have to offer. It’s the UK’s Public Heath England that is responsible for disseminating the fact that e-cigs are about 95% healthier for people than cigarettes. This same group has made it their mission to support e-cigs as a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking.

In many other parts of the world, e-cigs are seen as a reprehensible product that is almost on par with cigarettes, but in the UK, they are often embraced by public health organizations. There is a stark contrast between how e-cigs are treated in the UK compared to much of the rest of the world, especially in other developed countries like the US.

Public Health England recently recommended e-cigs as part of a stop smoking campaign in the month of October. Known as Stoptober, this is a movement that encourages people to find ways to quit smoking, and e-cigs are put forward as a decent alternative that has far fewer health risks for the average person. They are not completely safe, of course but vaping is far and away a safer habit than cigarette smoking, and the life expectancy of someone who smokes is far shorter than that of someone who vapes.

The recommendation by Public Heath England in this regard is a milestone for the vaping community. Those who support vaping as a safer smoking alternative have long supported e-cigs and their many benefits. It’s refreshing to see a globally recognized health organization stepping up and putting e-cigs out there as a viable choice for people who want to stop smoking, though. It’s encouraging to see that kind of support put behind these products, and that can only mean good things for the industry moving forward.

Of course, it’s safest to not vape or smoke, but many smokers struggle to give up their habit, and it would be far safer for them to vape rather than to continue smoking. Just a few months of vaping instead can greatly increase their lifespan and improve their health. A few years of vaping instead can make a huge difference and cut their risk of heart disease, lung cancer and other smoking related health problems by 95% or more.

It would be encouraging to see more countries adopt this kind of practice where they tout vaping as a good alternative to smoking, but many countries seem determined to put vaping about on the level with smoking, as far as public health risks go, and the science simply doesn’t back up that viewpoint. While a lot of the science on vaping is short term, to be honest, the information we have about it now shows vaping to be far less of a health risk than smoking. It’s only reasonable to treat it as a viable option for people who want to quit smoking, but many health organizations around he world are unwilling to recommend it to smokers and are not yet ready to support e-cigs as a quit smoking option.

However, thousands of people have been able to successfully quit smoking because of e-cigs, and thousands more will continue to do so over the next few years. It may only be matter of time before everyone catches on and realizes just how beneficial a switch like that can be. 

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