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What Are The Common Causes Of Hip Pain?

Hip pain is very common with everyone, from students to senior citizens being equally at risk. But it can be difficult to find the exact cause for your pain. Hence, to be able to diagnose the pain properly. It is important to know where the pain is and its type. Are multivitamins really good for you?

1. Core Muscle Injury or Sports Hernia or Athletic Pubalgia

If you feel any pain in your groin area, it may be a core muscle injury. Such as a tear of muscles or a strain or other soft tissues in the lower abdomen. This injury is quite common in those who play sports that involve a lot of extreme twisting and turning. But who are not as athletically conditioned as they need to be.

Treatment involves resting the affected muscles for several weeks. You might also require surgery to repair the torn muscle by a general surgeon. Stem cell therapy for hips is also another type of treatment option.

2. Bursitis

If there is a pain on the outside of your hip, thigh and/or buttocks. It is probably bursitis which is the inflammation of the pillow-like fluid sacs that keep the tendons and muscles from rubbing against the bone. Bursitis is common in older people and is mainly prevalent in people over 60.

Treatment involves resting at home, putting ice compresses on the area and taking anti-inflammatory. As well as pain medications, and sometimes, receiving an injection.

3. Tendonitis

If you’re active, and your hip flexor or groin are tender when you touch or move them. You may be having tendonitis. Straining or over-using tendons create repeated minor injuries that will eventually lead to muscular imbalances in the hip. People who do certain activities frequently. Like kicking a soccer ball, are likely to be at risk for this severe pain.

4. Labral Tears

The labrum is the ring of cartilage that is found around the hip socket and makes sure the ball of the thighbone stays intact. When it tears, it causes hip pain or groin and limits movement. Which creates a sensation of the hip locking, catching or clicking. The pain does not tend to go away. This injury is common in athletes, ballerinas, people with anatomic abnormalities that make the hip too shallow or hips with impingement. In those who previously injured their hips.

Treatment involves a minimally invasive surgery to repair the labrum and shave down the misshaped bone. This procedure corrects the hip’s alignment, relieves pain, and protects the joint.

5. Gynecological or Pelvic Floor Issues

The pain you feel in your hip might be coming from elsewhere in your pelvis. Sometimes, it can be confusing to determine where the pain is coming from.

Treatment involves visiting the primary care physician for a complete workup. Depending on the diagnosis, they might refer you to another specialist for further treatment. Such as a gynecologist or gastroenterologist or stem cell doctors in Dallas Texas.

6. Hip Impingement

This occurs in many younger people who do high-intensity athletics, such as CrossFit, races, or barre classes. These intense activities can cause the hip bones to fuse in an abnormal shape and limit movement. This is also called femoral acetabular impingement (FAI). It hurts and also increases the risk of premature osteoarthritis.

Treatment involves physical therapy, which can help and is generally the first line of treatment.




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