It looks like we have been able to discover those above the law after a long search. Under the new law, individuals who are mentally ill will not be punished for suicide attempts. The new law was approved by President Pranab Mukherjee. This law also restricts the utilization of electroconvulsive therapy for mental illness individuals in the absence of muscle relaxants and anesthesia. Also, according to the new Mental Health Care Act, restraining these patients with the use of chains is prohibited. The objective of the new law is to make a better health system available for mentally challenged individuals. The goal of the new law is to offer a better mental health care system for individuals suffering from mental illness and protect their rights.

The new law stated that irrespective of the content of section 309 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), any individual who tries committing suicide will be considered until proven otherwise, to be suffering from serious stress and will not face trial or be penalized according to the law. Additionally, the section of the IPC describes the penalty that will be faced by defaulters.

Such an individual will pay a certain fine or go to prison for a particular period. Also, the appropriate governmental center will make provision for the necessary care, treatment, and rehabilitation for any individual who has attempted suicide from severe stress. The aim of the Act is to limit cases of attempted suicide. The new law also frowns against the use of shock therapy in the absence of muscle relaxants or anesthesia. It is also prohibited by the law to use it on minors as well as using sterilization for the treatment of men and women having a mental illness.

The law also indicated that no restraint under any condition or method will be used. This law provides medical insurance for individuals with mental illness. According to the new law, it is indicated that medical insurance provisions must be made by all the insurers for those suffering from mental and physical illness. Few comprehensive modifications have been implemented in the Medical Health Act of 1987. It has been implemented to closely work with the laws that have already been implemented by a UN convention for individuals suffering from disabilities.

Most psychiatrists in the country have welcomed the new law, particularly those who have been requesting modifications in the new law for quite a while. A Consultant Psychiatrist, Satyakant Trivedi stated that the new law was an answer to their prayers and for those mentally ill individuals who have tried committing suicide. It has additionally prevented doctors from using shock therapy. It is an excellent step towards the right direction which will guarantee the provision of proper medical healthcare and attention for individuals with mental illness.

How To Experience Relief From Endometriosis

Tara Alonzo had been anticipating the occurrence of her first menstrual period since she initially learned about it. When she finally came to experience it at the age of 12, it was associated with lots of intolerable pain that became part of her life even into adulthood. Tara Alonzo has been experiencing pain associated with endometriosis since age 12 which has been reoccurring even as she grew into her 20s. Endometriosis is associated with an agonizing disorder that takes place in women of reproductive age. It usually occurs when the tissue lining the inner part of the uterus starts growing outside.

Some symptoms associated with endometriosis are:

  • Infertility
  • Agony when performing sexual intercourse
  • Severe bleeding.
  • Menstrual periods associated with severe pain. (This pain begins prior to the occurrence of the menstrual period and continues for a few days even after menstruation. Women also suffer from back and abdominal pain.)
  • Painful urination.
  • Constipation, fatigue, nausea, and so on.

Alonzo stated that she felt unbearable pain and she even had to call in sick at the office. There were periods where she became bedridden for a few days, lost her appetite, was experiencing severe pain and felt very sick. Tara Alonzo was left with no other option than to begin paying a visit to the doctors with the hopes of getting a permanent solution to her predicament. She even went for a more spectacular solution through hysterectomy before she was recommended to the MD of FACOG, Linda Yang. Dr. Yang evaluated Alonzo and suggested a laparoscopic procedure to get rid of the endometriosis.

The complete procedure took place at the Loyola Center for Health at Elmhurst within 90 minutes. Alonzo returned after the procedure the following day, a new person. Dr. Yang stated that Endometriosis might seem like a condition on its own, but it has its burden in different aspects. Endometriosis is constantly recurring, so they always focus on the appropriate treatment procedures instead of offering medications that will relieve pain in patients. Tara Alonzo continues to live her life without agony several weeks after the procedure.



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