OKDERMO Skin Care is a globally-delivering online retailer for professional-quality skin routine products. It also deals with cosmeceuticals, executive SPA products, and dermatological solutions. With its foundations being footed in Hong Kong, it ships majorly from Asia region. Understandably, OKDERMO has warehouses in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and other Asian countries. Even though it hasn’t been long since OKDERMO stepped into the business world back in 2014, it has evidently spread its roots in the field and continues growing its spectrum of skin care products not only your skin-related issues will be resolved here but with the extensive range of hair care products available there, your overall beauty needs will be fulfilled. And the best part is, no matter what your skin or hair type, you are likely to find a suitable solution for the products cater to all skin and hair types! 

One of the products they deal with is called Aziderm, which is a 20%/10 Azleaic acid cream/gel-based skin treatment for acne and rosacea. The prestigious Micro Labs is the founding company of this organic skincare product. The acid it uses, azelaic acid, occurs naturally and its varying quantity in Aziderm implies different results. The 20% strength primarily helps deal with acne and blackheads for the acid is a part of a strong cosmaceutical called dicarboxylic acid, which treats bacterial acne by terminating the bacteria in the pores. Moreover, if used twice daily for a period of 7 weeks, Aziderm will show reduced symptoms of rosacea as well. It implies that the product has anti-inflammatory properties as well. And Aziderm is just one of the many effective skincare solutions that OKDERMO has to offer. Buy Azelaic Acid Cream from OKDERMO now!



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