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Natural remedies to straighten your hair

A lot of women have damaged their hair in order to get the desired straightened out look. The means by which they have done it for example re-bonding or using hair straighter are now looked down upon because their harmful effects have been disclosed. These days more and more women are looking to get straight hair. We have compiled for you some simple ways to achieve your desired look without the need of chemicals or heat damage;

Start with the shampoo

It may sound simple, but it is all about what you do in the shower. You cannot create a nice look if you are not using the right shampoo and conditioner. You can choose products with keratin which is known for its straightening properties. You can use a highly absorbent material towel like an antibacterial bamboo bathroom towel. Dry your hair using that only and don’t use round brushes as they are made to provide curls to hair. The best brush to use is a wide tooth comb as it works great for untangling. You can even use it in the shower to apply conditioner thoroughly through your hair. Let your hair dry naturally and don’t forget to run a brush through them after every 5 minutes. Divide hair into sections and brush each so your hair remains straight. You can use an air dryer on a cool setting.

Consider your hair type

This will go easily if you have wavy hair but if your hair are a stubborn curly, you may need a ponytail. After washing your hair when they are about 70% dry, tie a ponytail and fix it with hairpins. Make sure it is all untangled. You can use multiple ties depending on your hair length. Cover your head with a silk scarf until dry. Then comb your hair. Women in latin America have a method “La toca.”  In which they blow-dry hair on the cool setting, and wrap it up around their head, fixing it with hairpins.

Using straightening creams and serums

These are a safer option than heat damage to your hair or chemical treatments. They may also provide extra nourishment which styling hair often need. Apply the cream on the mane when it is wet and leave it to dry. These products also protect hair from UV rays and other heat damages. However you cannot use it if you have a hair dye as it blocks the cream from getting into the hair’s strands.

Straightening sprays and smoothing oils

These can be used on both wet and dry hair. They are easy to use but you have to watch out as they often contain silicone which piles up in the hair and damages it on the inside. Oils work great for hair straightening and heat protection. Using masks regularly can help you achieve a silky and smooth look. They are made to nourish and moisturize your hair so you are sure to look great in any style.

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