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How to recover from work related stress

If you have emails to check, laundry to do, or a meeting coming up, just relax. Is it shocking for you to hear this? It is normal to feel frazzled when you have tons of work on your shoulder but the best thing to do is calm our nerves in that moment. Relaxing for just 5 minutes helps us to deal with situations better. You may think there is no time for sleeping or even eating but the following methods we have compiled for you will not take up much time;

Sip Green Tea

Instead of worrying about things you cannot control, grab a cup of green tea. It is the best source of a chemical that helps to relieve anger. So go ahead, boil some water, and take a relaxing sip to get the anxiety off your mind.

Nosh on Chocolate

Just a bit of sweet stuff preferably chocolate can soothe your mind. If you don’t want to indulge in sugars, dark chocolate is the best option for you as it helps regulate stress levels and helps stabilize the metabolism.

Slurp Some Honey

Replace that stress with some sweetness by trying on a spoonful of honey. It is a natural skin moisturizer and antibiotic and it reduces inflammation in the brain. This means it helps fights despair and anxiety.

Grab a Mango

Go on a mini tropical vacation without getting up from your desk. A five-minute break will do you a lot of good. All you have to do is peel, slice, and bite into a mango. It has linalool which helps lower the stress levels. This will be worth it especially if work is just around the corner.

Chew Gum

The minty or fruity flavor, whichever you prefer, will help you beat stress in a quick way. Only a few minutes of chewing will help lower anxiety and lower cortisol levels.

Munch a Crunchy Snack

All there is at times is the peace of munching on candy when you are tired. Adults enjoy chewing on crunchy and salty snacks especially under stress. However it doesn’t have to be unhealthy. There are many healthy options in the form of granola bars out there. You can also try other options such as celery sticks which you can enjoy just the same.


You don’t need to travel to meditate on top of a mountain. You can easily take out a few minutes to get the benefits of something like yoga. Just a few minutes of silence can help you balance your emotions and relieve stress and depression.

Lay Your Head on a Cushion or Pillow

Sometimes you may have noticed you take longer naps than usual or atleast want to. This only happens when you are under stress. At times it is not okay to sleep in your office but you can easily put your head on a pillow and be on your road to relaxation.

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