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How to minimize the appearance of pores

If you are looking to reduce the appearance of your pores, you have come to the right place! First you need to know that pores cannot vanish, only reduce in their size. They exist so the skin can breathe. The appearance of your pores, their size depends on things such as genetics, skin type, exposure to sun, and age. Therefore pores are essential for our skin, but we can do is make them less visible by shrinking them. Here are some ways of how to achieve a poreless look;

Don’t look in the mirror

No one views your pores the way you see them in the mirror. You are probably one of those who glare at their skin and try counting the number of those large pores, which for everyone else is normal skin. So the first step you have to take is purely mental.

Cleanse daily.

Regular cleansing and exfoliation are the most effective ways of keeping pores clean. When your pores are free of the dirty stuff, they will not be so easy to spot. It is better if you steam your face first to expand their size so the gunk gets out easily. Try applying a warm washcloth to your face before scrubbing or exfoliation. It is recommended that you cleanse twice a day, but if you have time for only a one time cleanse, do it at night time. This is because at the end of the day, your skin has a buildup of dirt and so it’s vital to take it all away before you sleep.

Add a scrub to your weekly skincare routine.

Adding a scrub into your skincare routine is extremely helpful. Just don’t over exfoliate. Moreover, look for a gentle exfoliation product so you can get rid of the dead skin cells and not end up irritating it. If you use the wrong exfoliation product, you can end up with a swelled up skin that may cause your pores to look larger.

Keep your hands off your face.

This leads to the most issues on your face. Unless you are washing your face or doing makeup or cleansing, don’t touch your face. Fingers hold the most bacteria which can easily transfer to your face and make way to the pores. This is why it is important to reduce your contact with your face. Never pick at clogged pores. It can be tempting to immediately pick out the gunk, but eventually it leads to blemishing and scabbing.

Apply a primer with SPF.

Never go out without your sunscreen. It protects your skin from harmful UV rays. These things cause free radicals which can easily break down the collagen and elastin in skin. This makes the skin less tight and pores look larger. A lot of sunscreens have shiny formulas which makes pores look more visible. Your best bet are therefore primers which contain SPF since they also smooth over pores while providing protection from sun.

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