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How To Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle & Look Younger!

Hello! Today I’m going to reveal eight clinically proven ways for you to lose belly fat build muscle and look ten years younger. Now the thing is that most people want to lose weight. Whether it’s on the scale. Maybe you want to lose five or ten or twenty pounds or more. Maybe in specific body parts or areas. Such as the stomach. For most people you know especially us guys. The legs, butt, maybe arms for women and most of us want to do it for vanity reasons. We just want to look better and feel more confident.

Of course, there are good reasons to lose unwanted fat for longevity and better health. Especially that bally fat which is the unhealthiest of all the fats because it surrounds all of your organs. Unfortunately, most people do all the wrong things. When it comes to losing weight. And the end result is a slower metabolism, muscle loss, wrinkles and low energy levels.

Clinical Proven Ways

So today I’m going to make things super simple and easy for you.  I’ll reveal eight clinical proven ways that will allow you to lose unwanted weight decrease. That unhealthy belly fat, build more muscle and tone up in the process. With the end result being that you look and feel younger. The best part is that you’ll be able to maintain the positive results long term. Because you’ll have a faster metabolism and better fat burning hormones.

Go Wikimedia How-To-Lose-Belly-Fat-Build-Muscle-Look-Younger-1
Go Wikimedia How-To-Lose-Belly-Fat-Build-Muscle-Look-Younger-1

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1. Don’t Drink Your Calories

Alright so let’s get started with the first one. The first one is don’t drink your calories. One of the easiest ways to get rid of hidden calories is to not drink your calories. This means no shakes or smoothies! You know sodas, alcohol, fruit juices, coffee you know with stuff in there like lattes and so forth or anything similar. The main problem is that all of these drinks have sugar in them. Part of the sugar is made up of fructose. Which is that sugar that’s found in fruit. Also, table uh sure and the main issue with fructose is that your body can only store limited amounts. Rest gets converted to fat especially that belly fat.

gowikimedia Don't Drink Your Calories
gowikimedia Don’t Drink Your Calories

Just remember that all sugar causes blood sugar problems and insulin resistance. Which causes weight gain and also muscle loss. So this basically means you need to drink primarily water tea, black coffee and maybe you know those low calorie green drinks that contain no sugar.

2. Eat the Right Carbs

go wikimedia How-To-Lose-Belly-Fat-Build-Muscle-Look-Younger-3
unsplash-logoBrooke Lark

There’s nothing wrong with carbohydrates if you eat the right ones. Now most you know man-made carbohydrates shoots up your blood sugar and stores the calories as body fat instead of getting used up for energy. Now the good news is that, there are many healthy fats and actually increase your metabolism and burn fat plus they taste good. Such as yams and sweet potatoes millet white rice and others. I’ll get to in a future article and I’ll discuss them in detail. Also reveal the best times to eat your carbohydrates and how much in what quantity to maximize your energy levels and not get that carbohydrates stored as body fat.

3. Eat the Right Protein

Go Wikimedia How-To-Lose-Belly-Fat-Build-Muscle-Look-Younger-4
unsplash-logoMae Mu

We all need to eat protein and they are essential to health. Protein increases your metabolism and reduces cravings. Improves your hormones, burns belly fat and helps maintain muscle. Unfortunately, most people eat too much of the wrong proteins. Which actually ends up causing more health issues including cancer and heart disease. Try to limit your protein to about 25 to 30 grams per meal. That’s about 100 calories. So, it’s better digested and absorbed it. Puts less stress on your liver and kidneys. Now in my next article I’ll discuss and review all the good and bad sources of proteins. The ones that increase and decrease your metabolism and the ones that are best for your overall health for reducing disease rather than increasing it.

4. Eat Vegetables

GoWikimedia How-To-Lose-Belly-Fat-Build-Muscle-Look-Younger-6
Eat Vegetables

Eating vegetables is very important! Especially when you eat protein. This is because the protein is acidic which is not what you want and you want to eat the vegetables to help alkalize your body and reduce inflammation. Additionally, vegetables have lots of fiber which speeds up weight loss and keeps you full. Unfortunately, most people don’t eat enough vegetables or they prepare them incorrectly or and only eat the wrong vegetables. That actually cause health issues such as inflammation allergies and colon problems. Now I’ll discuss all this in a detail in a future article however do your best to eat vegetables with all of your meals. Either raw or steamed try to get a variety of colors but emphasis should be on the green ones.

5. Eat Healthy Fats

Most people are afraid of fats. All right! They think that eating fat makes you fat and this is not true. In fact, eating fats certain types of fats actually helps increase your metabolism improves your hormones burns more fat in all those stubborn areas. Unfortunately, most people are not getting enough of the good fats and actually getting too much of the wrong unhealthy fats. Those are the ones that cause inflammation. Actually, slow down your metabolism.

Go WikiMedia Eat Healthy Fats
Go WikiMedia Eat Healthy Fats

People mistakenly for example believe that vegetable receipt oils such as canola sesame soybean sunflower corn and similar supermarket oils are actually good for them. But they’re not because they’re high in omega-6 fats which cause inflammation insulin resistance and the slowing of metabolism. Better to eat oil such as macadamia nut oil grape seed specific forms of extra virgin olive oil and raw nuts. I’ll get to more details in the future including what foods to avoid.

6. Sleep Better

GoWikimedia Sleep Better
GoWikimedia Sleep Better

One of the best tips I can give you for better overall health including weight loss is free to sleep better. This is because quality sleep improves all of your hormones by improving your fat burning hormones, your youth hormones while reducing your stress hormones. Sleep also heals and detoxifies your body which is needed to get rid of that unwanted belly fat and general overall fat. However, you’ll notice that I did say I didn’t say sleep more I actually said sleep better. Most people don’t sleep enough and if they do its poor-quality sleep which means your body never really fully repairs itself or produces all the right hormones. Just do yourself at the very minimum a favor and get to bed at least thirty to sixty minutes early each night this alone will improve the quality of your sleep.

7. Right Form of Exercise

Go WikiMedia Right Form of Exercise
Go WikiMedia Right Form of Exercise

The right form of exercise is a vital for improving your metabolism burning that stubborn fat and most importantly maintaining and building muscles. Remember the more muscle you have the faster your metabolism is and the more calories you’ll burn all day long doing nothing. In fact, one of the primary reasons for gaining fat as you age is because you’re actually losing muscle each year. Of course, as with anything that are good and wrong forms of exercise. For example, running is a bad form of exercise because it increases stress. What’s important is that you lift weights whether it’s the use of machines or cables or free weights or even your own body weight.

8. Take Specific Nutrients

Finally, you want to take specific nutrients. Did you know that if your body is lacking in specific nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and herbs you’ll constantly crave food especially carbohydrates. This is one reason that your thyroid and metabolism will slow down as well as the production of important fat burning hormones. this is why I put so much emphasis on what you eat to make sure you get these specific nutrients that 99% of us are lacking.

GoWikiMedia specific nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and herbs
GoWikiMedia specific nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and herbs

Sadly because of genetics and aging most of us aren’t able to absorb these nutrients. As well as we use them when you were younger or people who are you know. what I call skinny genetics so by taking additional you know these specific nutrients and herbs. In addition to your diet you can literally turn on your fat burning genes or in reduce your appetite and increase your energy levels all day long.

Start Implementing

Please start implementing at least one of the solutions that you’ve learned today you don’t have to do them all at once just pick the easiest one and start there take action and keep making improvements every single day. If you found today’s topic helpful, please share it with a friend and help them as well. Also read my other Articles on Getting and Staying Healthy For whole life! I’ve got lots of great topics coming out, that I believe are far more important than what you eat, how you exercise or the supplements you take. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a very happy and healthy day.



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