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Medisol International’s Automated External Defibrillator


An automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a light, portable emergency lifesaving device that is used during a sudden cardiac arrest. It works by analysing the heart rhythm and delivering an electric shock to the heart via the chest. This shock has the ability to stop an irregular heartbeat and enable a normal rhythm to resume in cases of a sudden cardiac arrest. A sudden cardiac arrest usually occurs when the heart stops beating all of a sudden. If left untested, a person can die within minutes. In the event of an SCA the heart should be defibrillated quickly before the chances of the person’s survival rate might not go down.

The Importance of AEDs.

• There are various benefits of AEDs and some of them include:
• Since they are portable, people can use them at any time
• They don’t need medical expertise
• They are effective medical emergency devices
• Improve the survival rate of SCA patients
• The results of using AEDs are immediate since it acts so fast
• An AED is easy to use since it has a voice recording that instructs the rescuer

Gowikimedia | automated External Defibrillator (AED)
Medisol International

How do AEDs Work

These devices have an in-built computer that checks a person’s heart rhythm via adhesive electrodes. This computer works by calculating whether the victim needs any defibrillation and in case it is necessary the rescuer is prompted to press a shock button on the device. The shock produced makes the heart resume beating effectively.

An AED has an internal memory that stores a patient’s ECG along with the details of the time it was put on and when the shock was delivered. This data can be retrieved on a computer and printed if need be. This is important just in case the information needs to be analysed by a medical personnel.

Who can Use an AED

It is possible to use AEDs with minimal or no training and with less experience. AEDs should not be restricted to trained personnel only. However, it is advisable that anyone who uses an AED has some training since this increases the chances of survival. This is important because a person can get an SCA at any time. With the knowledge of how to use the device it’s possible to save lives. You can research on where to get the training on how to use an AED.

Some good solid AEDs:

Zoll Aed plus

Philips Hs1

Heartsine Samaritan 350P

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