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Getting and Staying Healthy For whole life!

When it comes to health, most people – including myself – discuss what you should eat, exercise, stress management, supplements and so forth. Of course, these are all very important, tools. However, the most important aspect of achieving any goal, success in anything – health, wealth, relationships and so forth – is your MINDSET.

Let’s face it, so many people have access to all the RIGHT tools, but do nothing with it because they have the WRONG mindset. I mention this because nowadays, due to the internet – we ALL have access to a ton of information. Lots of “tools” And YET, most people still don’t get the results they want. They feel frustrated, confused, lost, insecure, defeated and other negative, dis-empowering emotions.

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What’s The Best Diet and Exercise?

People asking all the time, “what is best diet to follow”? And I’ll be honest with you, initially, ANY diet will work as long as you’re eating less calories Or “what’s the best exercise?” Again, ANYTHING is better than nothing. ANY form of exercise and ANY time of the day for ANY duration is a step in the right direction. However, the problem is that 95% simply do NOTHING. Read our article on 5 Ways to Turn Food into Muscle, Not Fat!

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go wikimedia Getting-and-Staying-Healthy-For-whole-life-3-1

Just Do It!

To achieve any goal, you need to Set ONE simple, specific goal with a strong “why” Take immediate action towards it – thus, get STARTED and “just do it” And most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP! Set A Specific Goal Now, the biggest problem is that most people never even set goals. And if they do, it’s so generic. I want to make “more money” Or I want to lose “some weight” Or I want go gain “some muscle” Or I want to get healthier. And so forth. Not setting a goal is a major problem… because you’ll never get started. However, not being specific is just as bad because you’ll never ACHIEVE your goals.

Your Prescription

So the first thing you must do, is set one specific goal. And if you want to take it step farther, have a really strong “why” behind it. Losing 10 lbs in 2 months is nice. But, losing 10 lbs so you can be healthier and live longer, so you can be with your children and grandchildren and not be a burden or something similar, is a strong WHY which will keep you motivated through the tough times.

Take Immediate Action However, let’s say you do set a specific goal, such as, “I’d like to lose 10 lbs”. Now what? Most people do NOTHING. They take NO action. They NEVER get started. Thus, it’s a “preference” to “lose weight”. It’s not a MUST! The problem is if you don’t take immediate action, life gets in the way, you get busy and you forget. This is only natural. Or some of us, like myself, overthink the situation and the end result is still, NO action.

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gowikimedia Getting-and-Staying-Healthy-For-whole-life-4

STOP Thinking and START Doing

After setting your specific goal, take immediate action towards it. This could simply be doing some research online. Or buying a book about the topic. Getting up 20 minutes earlier in the morning and taking a walk. Talking a walk after work. Purchasing supplements By taking immediate action, you train your nervous system to “just do it”. Not to procrastinate, like most of us do. Additionally, you get a dopamine release when taking action, which further increases your motivation and happiness. And now your nervous system associates this to a pleasurable event, rather than something you “have” to do or it’s a “hassle” or you “don’t have the time” Or any similar “excuse” or “energy” to do it… 

Never Give Up

Be Flexible After you’ve set your specific goal and took immediate action towards achieving it, comes the hardest part of this prescription or equation – NEVER GIVE UP! So here’s a reality check for you – things NEVER go as planned. Even making lots of these Articles. My goal was to start at the beginning of the year. But life got in the way, other responsibilities, fires to put out and now, 6 months later I finally start. HOWEVER, I never gave up and I finally got started.

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go Wikimedia Getting-and-Staying-Healthy-For-whole-life-5

My Story

Unfortunately, most people just give up and never get started, let alone finish. Or when I first wanted to gain muscle and get stronger in high school, my goal was to gain 10 lbs of muscle in 3 months. I was about 72 inches and weighed like 66 kgs. Super skinny. However, instead of gaining 10 lbs in 3 months, I LOST 10 lbs of muscle in about 9 months! I ended up weighing only 135 lbs. At 6’1”, I looked like a Holocaust victim or someone who had cancer. It was horrible. I was embarrassed. Felt like a total loser and failure. Weaker and smaller. So hurt and devastated. I was working my butt off and I made all the sacrifices. It wasn’t fair So why in the world did I get the complete OPPOSITE results?

Lots of Mistakes

Well, the reason is I took the advice from the wrong people and I made lots of mistakes. I didn’t analyse my results, or lack thereof. Wasn’t flexible. Was stubborn I was so driven that I was blinded and I THOUGHT I would eventually gain some muscle, even though I was going in the WRONG direction. It was only after I got sick that I HAD to stop and re-evaluate the entire situation that I realized my mistakes. Unfortunately, this is the part of the story where most people just give up, IF they even got this far. They’ll think “what’s the point?” I don’t have the genetics… this was all a waste of time… go do something else” However, I never gave up.

Some Major Changes in My Body

Ended up making some major changes in achieving my goal… I started to be more flexible and then I finally gained 15 lbs in only 30 days. I then gained another 10 lbs in another 30 days. So, I gained 25 lbs in only 60 days and 10 of it was new muscle. 25 lbs in 60 days is much better than losing 10 lbs of muscle in 9 months. Granted, I still only weighed 155 lbs at 6’1”. I was still super skinny, but at least I saw progress. It felt good getting some results finally. Had I given up early, I would have never finally gotten some progress in achieving my goal This is because I never gave up. I was positive, patient and persistent. And NOTHING in this world – no amount of money, connections, luck or intelligence will ever compare to a positive attitude, patience and persistence!

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go WIkimedia Getting-and-Staying-Healthy-For-whole-life-6

Things Never Do, Right?

I still had my goal of gaining as much muscle as possible. Of course, things still never went as well as I thought or hoped. Things never do, right? However, each and every year I would gain an average of about 2-3 lbs of muscle. Now, 3 lbs of muscle a year may not seem like much. However, over the next 15-20 years, I gained well over 50 lbs of muscle, naturally. Which is where I am now, about 210 lbs, 6’3” at about 9-10% body fat.

  1. “Four years of working out, senior year of high school… Pathetic, Crappy genetics!”
  2. After 8 Years, I’m making progress… More muscle & leaner. I’m still “learning”
  3. After 15 years. I’m still gaining some muscle, little by little..
  4. After 25 years… YUP, I’m still gaining some muscle and abs. I’m making progress and not giving up.
  5. Recent date, after 35 years. I’m leaner, so it makes me look bigger. Little by little, year after year…

NEVER GIVE UP! Sure, I’d like to gain even more muscle and get leaner. We all want continued progress. However, I did hit my genetic potential eventually. And I’m able to maintain this weight, naturally – no drugs – in my 40’s and I’ll soon be turning 50 years old. It may suck compared to other people and those with great genetics or taking lots of drugs. But for MY genetics, it was a great accomplishment. Thus, never compare yourself to others. Only compare yourself to YOU and YOUR past. And thank God I never gave up because of working out, my entire life has changed for the better.

I’m Happy and Healthy

People OVER-estimate what they can do in a few months or a year. But they UNDER-estimate what they can do in a decade or in a life-time. Stop being so shortsighted. Focus on the long-term goal. Even with all of my schooling. When I look back, I have no idea how I did it all. School was a lot of work for me. Plus I also was running my own business the entire time. However, I took is one semester at a time, one year at a time, one small goal at a time.

Small Goal After Another

If I looked at all my years of schooling as a huge goal, I would have been overwhelmed. I would have gotten anxiety or doubted myself. But by setting one small goal after another, always FOCUSED on the big, end-result goal. I eventually achieved every goal I set. With my body My education My businesses. And I would say that almost all of my accomplishments and success in life, stems from what I’ve learned from working out. Setting specific goals Taking immediate action. And most importantly, NEVER giving up.

Just know that things almost never go as planned and something seems to always go wrong. As soon as you put out one fire another one starts. This is just life. It seems like very 2-3 months, some big problem happens. Don’t focus on the negatives. Spend the majority of your time on the SOLUTION, not the problem. Just know that life isn’t happening TO you, but FOR you. As long as you learn and never give up, you can NEVER fail or feel like a failure. By never giving up on your goals, being flexible in achieving them and continuing to be positive, persistent and patient, you will … In fact, you MUST achieve almost anything you want in life.

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unsplash-logoValery Sysoev

Health In My Life

Personally, I put more emphasis on health in my life, because I think it should be your #1 priority in life. Without health, you really have nothing. If you’re sick or tired, you can’t earn as much money… You can’t give your best to your relationships And heck, you can’t even enjoy your time off or vacations. So, right now, sit down and decide on what health goal you want to achieve in the next 30 days. Then take immediate action, no matter how small it might be. And continue to take action everyday, even if it’s just 1% more than the previous day. Just one extra step forward. Be flexible in achieving your goal, but NEVER give up. Have a positive attitude, be patient and persistent. In fact, get started right now by posting your health goal in the comments below.

Ask Me Anything

You can also go to and let me see how I can help you, personally – NO charge. I hope this article has lit a fire under you to take action and make your health a bigger priority. You can do it. Please believe in yourself. If you found today’s topic helpful, please share it with a friend and help them as well. Also read my other Articles on Best & Worst Fruits to Eat & Avoid. Also read How To Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle & Look Younger! I’ve got lots of great topics coming out, that I believe are far more important than what you eat, how you exercise or the supplements you take. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a very happy and healthy day.



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