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Best Spa-Therapies You Should Gift To Your Parched Skin

Summers cause a lot of troubles for your skin such as dehydration, dullness and parching. So, you should pamper your skin with some indulgent and effective summer spa therapies. You should take these therapies on a regular basis such as once in a month. This will make sure that the skin stays healthy and glowing throughout the season.

We have compiled a list of the best summer spa therapies for healing the parched skin. Read it carefully and go for one of them this weekend.

Cucumber and Aloe Vera Summer Soother Therapy:

Indulge in a deeply hydrating and skin nourishing spa therapy that employs cucumbers and Aloe Vera. The therapy can vary from one spa to another and might come with different names. Hence, always ask for details. Aloe Vera is an extremely nourishing and hydrating plant that can be used in a 100% natural form. You can treat the parched skin with this therapy and also opt for a deep scrub and cleanse session for better results.

Mud Spa:

The wet and cool mud is an excellent coolant for the skin dried by the summer heat. It is really good as it is one of the best natural exfoliants as well. You can opt for a full body mud spa in which you will be dipped in a mud pond or the mud is applied on your body. If the mud is applied to the body, it will be removed with a gentle massage. Many other natural and organic softeners are used for removing the mud. This gentle exfoliation will leave your body soft, supple and rejuvenated. Grab some exciting discounts and offers like the latest Nearbuy offers and make your bookings for this weekend. The sooner, the merrier!

Magnesium Therapy:

This therapy might be available at some select health and wellness centers only. The Epsom Salt bath in which you can actually float and let the impurities crawl out of your body is an excellent spa therapy. You must take it at least once to actually witness the benefits. It is an extremely scientific and curative therapy that also fights critical diseases as well.

Green Tea and Avocado Butter Therapy:

The face can become really dull, tanned and full of impurities with regular exposure to the sun and pollution. The green tea cleanser effectively removes the impurities and rejuvenates or wakes-up the skin cells. Further, the avocado butter is applied individually or in association with some other herbal formulation. This green treatment revitalizes the skin cells and makes your face glowing and perky again.

Marble Stone Therapy with Thai Massage:

You don’t have to actually go to Thailand for a Thai Massage or Thai Spa. You can avail all the treatments in India as well. Marble Stone Therapy is an excellent way to deal with stress and tension knots. You can enjoy it after a full body Thai massage for better results. You will feel the stress gone completely out of your bodies and nerves. It is also good for dealing with inflammation and puffiness in the body.

Rosemary, Coffee or Lemon Scrub with Hibiscus Massage:

Rosemary is the herb that boosts the immune system and regenerates the immunity. Coffee is a natural stimulant that wakes-up the skin cells and rejuvenates them. It also acts as an excellent natural exfoliant. Lemon has cleansing properties and is beneficial against summer tanning. So, you can opt for any one of these scrubs. Following the scrubbing, you should nourish your body with the hibiscus nourishment massage. It will penetrate the layers of your skin and make your body as soft and as supple as a baby’s.

So, pick a Nearbuy coupon code and enjoy this weekend pampering your skin. The vouchers purchased would reap you with maximum cashback allowing you to take advantage of the best therapies, concentrating only on the betterment of your skin without having to worry on your budget restraints.

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