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Are multivitamins really good for you?

As you keep getting older, you begin wondering if you should start taking vitamin supplements again. All of them are not worth adding to your nutritious diet and in rare cases, they might naturally increase your possible risk of cardiovascular disease and specific cancer. Best remedy remain avoidance here. Try having a diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains which would aid you achieve your daily recommended intake. An overdose of multivitamins is more common than you think and not monitoring your dosages can have severe health impacts. 

Truth is, multivitamins frequently contain 100 percent (or more) of your recommended daily value of the vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and calcium. Therefore, if you are consuming nutritional food, you clearly don’t need these supplements.

You might be wondering what actually happens when you including more multivitamins and minerals than needed? A study found that women who received multivitamin supplements increased their risk of developing skin cancer. Here’s an insight into all the necessary vitamins and why an overdose might be bad;

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps with vision and the immune system. Also found in orange and yellow fruits and vegetables. The most recommended is an apple and carrot. You can also consume butternut squash and sweet potatoes for a fix. Also found in dark leafy vegetables like kale or spinach. Breakfast cereals fortified also contain this vitamin. A overdose is linked to increase in the likelihood of developing lung cancer among smokers. It can increase the lung cancer risk by about 28 percent.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is discovered in wheat germ, dark leafy vegetables, various nuts and seeds, and vegetable oils. Any cereal can provide you about half your daily recommended value of vitamin E. Overdose can result in risk of heart failure. These should be prevented as much as possible. It may also increase the risk of prostate cancer.


Calcium supplements are always recommended to women to build stronger bones. Three cups of milk and two cups of yogurt or tofu are ample to obtain you your recommended daily value of calcium. Fortified sources like two cups of soy or almond milk with cereal provide the same intake. An overdose may increase the risk of hip fracture and requires the user at a more significant risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

It’s too easy to get attracted to vitamins for health reasons. However they should only be taken under special circumstances for example folic acid when you are pregnant. Another reason is if you have an actual deficiency because of a poor diet or a physiological problem. Only in this case will a doctor advise you to use a specific supplement. But when it comes to healthy adults, there are no such real benefits to taking vitamins, and what is more alarming is the fact that there are potential health risks when it comes to an overdose of any vitamin supplement.

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