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6 Savory Asian Pizzas You Must Try out

Pizzas are commonplace at most food joints these days, and so are the variants of this dish. Made by using bread along with a variety of other items like meat and vegetables, it is essentially a continental dish. You may be familiar with pizzas that bear different names. But have you ever heard of Asian pizzas? If you have come to know about this kind of pizza for the first time, you may wonder what it is all about. Is it just one of the several names of pizzas or does it involve a unique way of preparing them? Interestingly, both aspects are applicable in the case of Asian pizzas.

Thinking of Pizzas, the might of Pizza Hut cannot be far behind. It becomes all the more lucrative these days with Pizza Hut promo codes being on offer to cater to your stuffed crust pizza cravings and delicious pizza sides. Just like other variants of pizzas, these also involve the addition of a variety of items, including shrimps. Sounds good enough to know more about these pizzas? Here are some top variants of this item which will tick all the right boxes for your cravings for pizzas.

Shrimp Cheese Pizza

Gowikimedia Shrimp Cheese Pizza 6-Savory-Asian-Pizzas-You-Must-Try-out
Gowikimedia Shrimp Cheese Pizza 6-Savory-Asian-Pizzas-You-Must-Try-out

Are you fond of shrimps? They’re crunchy and yummy. If you have been willing to have the goodness of shrimp for a long time, a shrimp cheese pizza is an answer to your need. Together with cheese, crunchy shrimps wrapped in a dough will have your stomach juices flowing. Every bite of this pizza is a value for money. Perhaps, you may want to order one more, given its irresistible taste. This makes it crystal clear as to why this pizza dish is considered the king of pizzas among Asian pizzas.

Shrimp & Mayo Roll Crust

gowikimedia Shrimp & Mayo Roll Crust 6-Savory-Asian-Pizzas-You-Must-Try-out
gowikimedia Shrimp & Mayo Roll Crust 6-Savory-Asian-Pizzas-You-Must-Try-out

Shrimp & mayo roll crust is the closest variant of shrimp cheese pizza with some subtle differences. Both are savory in terms of taste and involve cheese. But unlike in shrimp cheese pizza, mayo roll crust along with shrimps involves the use of shrimp nuggets. Also, it involves mayonnaise which adds a different flavor to it than the standard cheese used in shrimp cheese pizza. Not only taste but creativity also marks a line of distinction between this dish from the other forms of pizzas in the market. Want to know what a bite of it feels like? You need to taste it to find it out.

Sausage, Bacon and Cheese Crust

gowikimedia Sausage, Bacon and Cheese Crust 6-Savory-Asian-Pizzas-You-Must-Try-out
gowikimedia Sausage, Bacon and Cheese Crust 6-Savory-Asian-Pizzas-You-Must-Try-out

A layer of cheese together with that of bacon sounds unusual. At the same time, it can also excite any pizza lover in that it is not a common combination. This is what you get when you munch a slice of sausage, bacon and cheese crust. It wears a golden color and involves a meat option for mouthwatering taste. One can add chicken or mutton to it based on one’s preferences for taste. In every bit, the feel of cheese makes it an excellent prospect for pizza lovers.

Triple Cheese Pizza

gowikimedia Triple Cheese Pizza 6-Savory-Asian-Pizzas-You-Must-Try-out
gowikimedia Triple Cheese Pizza 6-Savory-Asian-Pizzas-You-Must-Try-out

If one coating of pizza sounds interesting, two coatings of it sound intriguing. What about three layers of cheese? Sounds incredible, isn’t it? Indeed, it is uncommon to think of three layers of cheese on a pizza. However, the interesting thing is such a variant of pizza exists as one of the versions of Asian pizzas. Triple cheese pizza is a case in hand. Some people prefer an extra dose of cheese in a pizza as they have a liking for it. If you also prefer to have more cheese in your pizza, then a triple cheese pizza will meet your requirements on all fronts. What makes it more exciting is the fact that it consists of three different types of cheese combinations.

Rice Crust

gowikimedia Rice Crust 6-Savory-Asian-Pizzas-You-Must-Try-out
gowikimedia Rice Crust 6-Savory-Asian-Pizzas-You-Must-Try-out

A majority of people already know what it tastes like when taken in combination with other items such as gravies and curries. But when it comes to a rice pizza, it is a different ball game altogether. Generally, a rice pizza conceals the feel of rice to give an eater the more of the feel of pizza. What it means that though it is a little heavy just as rice, you will not get the feel of it while eating a rice crust. Wondering what it looks like? It resembles a bowl of rice in terms of its appearance but gives a lighter feel.The addition of toppings may either involve vegetables or meat. This makes it a palatable dish for foodies.

Sweet Potato Crust

gowikimedia Sweet Potato Crust 6-Savory-Asian-Pizzas-You-Must-Try-out
gowikimedia Sweet Potato Crust 6-Savory-Asian-Pizzas-You-Must-Try-out

If you are a fan of basic pizzas with modifications, then sweet potato crust is a must for you. This variant of Asian pizza looks great and involves a mousse of sweet potato. The best part about this pizza is it is an instant energy booster. Its adequate content of carbs makes it ideal for lunch or dinner or anytime when you feel hungry. You will find all these finger-licking pizza stuff at most food joints. Visit one of those food joints and place an order to satisfy your craving for Asian pizzas. Better yet, order them online on Pizza Hut from the convenience of your home. At the time of placing your order, do not forget to check if you are eligible for applying a Pizza Hut offers and save big on your next order.

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