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What do universities look for in student applicants?

Student life is an exciting but a stressful time of the life. You are always worrying about the deadlines and the next step to take. If you are confused as to what is required of you or what universities look for in Student life, we have compiled for you some really good stuff you should be keen on knowing about! We have compiled this information based on the latest annual survey of university admissions officers, which highlights the best qualities universities are now looking for in applicants’ personal statements apart from their usual academic qualifications.

Here are some things you should make sure to highlight in your university application; 

A positive attitude towards study

Students must show that they are willing to work hard and not just applying for the fun of it all. They should guarantee that they will do their best to cope with the workload of their selected course and be their best selves. A higher level of education means more commitment and universities are always looking for those who can offer that. Good grades are obviously necessary and reflect a person’s attitude towards studies but they can also be used in their personal statements. For example if you have taken an extra exam you can mention that in your extended essay. The personal projects  you do also play an important role in expanding the knowledge horizon. You can link this to the area of study. You can improve on your own abilities by showing them proofs of your time and workload management skills.  

A passion for the chosen course subject

Students should show their passion for the selected subject. The extended interest in a course can make the teachers happy and goes a long way in how you are treated in and out of the university. You can either whine about your course or talk about it as if it’s the best thing that happened to you. It will make all the difference in the world. You can start to see your future benefits resulting from your passion. You can set out your personal achievement to achieve this and it will be beneficial for students to witness this behavior as it would motivate them too. It is not only appreciated by teachers but by employers as well. You can show them what passion can do.

An ability to think and work independently

The best thing you can do to yourself is think positively about the next steps in life. If you feel like you are ready for something, don’t let negative thoughts come in the way. Fear only harbors failure. If you wish to step up and be a better candidate, you will need to ensure them that you are willing to take up on the responsibility of the course and university life. Recently, many young adults are unable to cope with the workload just because of the fear of failure. It is important to stay grounded to positive thoughts throughout student life so nothing can put you down.

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