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Things To Know Before Joining Architecture School

Before joining the school. There are a few things you should keep in mind apart from the usual academic suggestions you generally receive.

Drink tea and not coffee. Coffee is perfect for a sudden burst of energy to keep you up during late nights on CAD but is not healthy. The caffeine content in coffee gets into your blood quickly. Which gives you an initial rush and will soon burn your body out. On the other hand, a strong cup of tea has almost the same amount of caffeine. But is released gradually which helps focus and calm. Also, tea is an antioxidant which relieves tension.

Bachelor of Architecture in India

Draw a lot by hand as it is not only a way to express or communicate but also helps in thinking. Also, for a student pursuing a bachelor of architecture in India. It is very important to improve this skill to get neat drafts. Use sharp scalpels while making models as precise cuttings are important to get the desired model with the right measurements. Also, buying a blunt scalpel will only waste your time as it will take longer to make the right cuttings.

Pin-up your drawings to the wall. Line up all your drawings on one side of the wall with pins, and you will have both. A great wall as well as great practice and might even come up with new ideas.

Your lecturers have a lot of knowledge and can help you with anything if asked. Therefore, do not wait for your weekly assessment cycles or so and instead approach your tutor whenever you need help with something related to your academics. Also, if you keep actively seeking their ideas, they might consider you for other architecture-related events, competitions and so on which will only look great in your portfolio. Also, listen to them carefully and understand their perspective. At the same time, it is also important that you consider your ideas and try to implement them with what your tutor has said.

Take power naps but with caution. You might have tried various sleep cycles and might end up unsuccessful. A 20-minute nap is the best. So, whenever you are extremely busy, take some time out and take a 20-minute power nap. Which will help you focus and productive better after you wake up. It is important to keep a regular daily timetable and sticking to it. Also don’t forget to shave. Here are some Best Foil Razors for Men.

Subscribe to an architecture journal. Apart from the regular assignments, classes, tests, and so on, try to look for inspiration elsewhere and also expand your thinking. Architecture journals have a lot of great ideas that might help you come up with new ideas.

Grades may not matter as much. Studying in one of the best architecture colleges in Hyderabad might put pressure on you. But no matter how great the grades are, sometimes people might end up not getting a job. Hence, it is important to be patient and believing in self. Focus on knowledge more than on grades. Your skills and portfolio will have a lot to say about you more than your grades do.

Travel places. Yes, even if you are busy, take some time out and go on educational as well as fun tours. Where at the same time you will be living a little and also learning about different cultures. Each place has its uniqueness and its culture that sets it apart from the rest. Learn about the different cultures there, their architecture, and so on.

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