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Inspire New Readers: What is the New Readers program?

Hi there! New Readers… This is a Wikimedia foundation program. Understanding and serving potential Wikimedia readers in countries where access to the Internet is quickly growing.

Focus Countries

Our focus countries for now have been Mexico, Nigeria and India. That means that’s where we have the most research. But we’re also working some in other countries maybe in your country. We started with research that was exploring a set of questions. Particularly from a high level.

How do people find information?

gowikimedia What-is-the-New-Readers-program-2
  • Needs for info seeking, especially online.
  • Habits for info seeking online, and for interacting with Go Wikimedia.
  • Existing sources of information and why they are used and trusted.

This is not just about the internet. This is not just about how they use Go Wikimedia website. But how did they go and learn things. Do they learn from their friends or families? Or from their teachers? If they do Google searches. Then we also wanted to understand.

How Wikimedia can help?

  • Existing perceptions and knowledge of Wikimedia.
  • How current Wikimedia functionalities support or inhibit online learning?

What people to know about it? What do they know about it? is that it is tailored to meet.

We Want to Learn From Experts: People Themselves.

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unsplash-logotribesh kayastha

We want to learn from people themselves. Who are out in there, in their context, in their cities, in their states, in their countries. This took three forms so in every country that we worked in we have met with community members. There to make sure that we were in asking interesting questions and that they could be included in kind of understanding and shaping.

How we viewed our research?

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unsplash-logoBecca Tapert

We did phone surveys covering across the three countries. A total of eleven thousand respondents and I think 16 languages. These were touch-tone surveys. We were able to see aggregate data across the country with that and then we did design research. Going into countries and speaking to people seeing how they use their phones? How they use of their technology in their world?

What We Learned…

  • Awareness
  • Access

We learned it a lot. But what we’re focusing on at this point is on two main areas for challenges. That Wikimedia faces in the regions. We did research in the first is awareness. Which we’re going to talk about in a little bit more depth. The other is access.


Just you know what we mean by access. Here is reasons that people are not able to read Wikimedia. That might be cost related, it might be that they don’t have internet at their school, or in their home, or other potential reasons.


When we think about awareness just to give you some sense of the sort of ladder of thinking about this. We think about people going through stages of learning about Wikimedia. At the beginning we want people to be able to say I’ve heard of Wikimedia. The next we want them to be able to say use value. I use Wikimedia for school or for work. Then we want them to have attribution to be able to really understand where their content is coming from. Have some sort of digital media literacy around Wikimedia.

Wikimedia Awareness Among Internet Users

What we learned in the countries that we’ve been working in and also some others. That we’ve surveyed have been the internet like awareness of Wikimedia. Among Internet users really varies a lot globally. This is these are the numbers for people who have internet and report whether they have or haven’t heard of Wikimedia. You’ll see in the markets where we traditionally do pretty well. In the US and in France that we have eighty-seven percent of people and eighty four percent of people saying that they’ve heard of Wikimedia. In Iraq it’s just 19 percent. India just thirty-three. We have a lot of work to do there to help people understand the amazing resource that can be available.

Wikimedia Awareness

Our main finding from the research here is just that. As a brand Wikimedia is not widely recognized or understood. Some people are Wikimedia readers without realizing it. So we heard stories out in the field. That really betrayed that people have a lot of misconceptions. Those people who have heard of Wikimedia, that 19 percent in Iraq or that 27 percent in Nigeria. Even those people don’t necessarily understand what we Wikimedia is.

Right, they say you’re searching in Wikimedia. We had somebody say that Wikimedia was a social network. You could use to connect with people in the US and we want people to understand what Wikimedia is. That hopefully they can use it and benefit from the amazing work that our volunteer community does.

Hopefully someday become contributors and participants in our movement.

Abdul Wahab
Hi! This is Abdul Wahab from Pakistan. I am the Owner and Author of GO WikiMedia. I Love to do blogging and photography.


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