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How to learn Italian?

Why learn Italian?

Why do you want to learn Italian, in the first place?

That’s a fundamental question because the kind of study material you focus on and your study methods depend on your reason for learning Italian. So, how to learn Italian? The most effective and fun way to learn Italian is through language immersion. This method works because you get to hear the language and practice speaking in your daily life. By immersion, I mean learning by doing things in real life. Not reading unnatural material in textbooks!

Focus on conversation

If I were to choose one tip, it would be the following.

To learn Italia, focus on conversation. Not grammar, not writing, not reading. It might be scary for beginners, but a real conversation with a native speaker is worth many hours of group class in a controlled environment or self-study. A conversation keeps you motivated to communicate with a live person in front of you than a textbook or a language learning app. We all acquire language by using it, not by memorizing rules and words. By repeating the same topic in multiple conversations, you retain words and expressions naturally. You also get to know how to actually use those expressions in context.

Don’t study too much grammar

Learning Italian grammar for beginners can be a boring task when you just started learning the language.

Most tutors and textbooks would start by teaching the grammar rules. That’s the main reason for people to give up studying in school. Although knowing basic Italian grammar has its importance and sooner or later you will have to deal with it, it should not be the first thing your learn. Well designed courses and classes teach you grammar without the need to memorize grammar rules. In other words, it’s not that grammar is not important, but it’s not the way you master languages, especially speaking.

Use the best app to learn Italian

After this advice, you might be wandering: what’s the best app to learn Italian?

Until a few decades ago, the main option to study language was to look for textbooks in a bookstore. Nowadays, there’s plenty of and apps that are more fun, interactive and effective. You only need to choose the best app to learn Italian online. So, a more modern approach is: with so many Italian courses online, what’s the best app to learn Italian? Although apps on our smartphones are excellent for social media and keeping in touch with friends, they can also be a valuable asset for anyone who wants to master Italian.

Do you want to start learning or to improve your Italian?

There are a huge number of apps available that make the process fun and effective.

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