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Why a professional press release, carefully crafted by a PR service, is still a valuable part of a business communication strategy

It’s easy to assume that today’s business world is all about instant communication and in-the-moment responses. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook certainly do have a vital role. As a leading PR agency, we’ve also noticed that requests for carefully-crafted press releases have dwindled markedly over the last few years.

However, we believe that, in the right circumstances, and for powerful and positive reasons, there is still a key role for a press release. Here are four key reasons why:

Consider the audience

As with all communications, reaching the audience in a way that they approve of is vital. PR agency created press releases allow those journalists, producers and others who receive them to begin to craft a story in a way that a Tweet, for example, can never achieve. You provide them with reasoning and background to the story, and sources to gain further information. In other words, you are making it easy for them to use the material in a way that offers positive gains for your business.

Builds legitimacy

Social media adds to the news, advertising is seen as a step apart from it – yet a press release still helps to create it. The in-depth content adds both credibility and legitimacy to both the business and its message. It is an official document rather than a casual communication. Skilful PR agency carefully crafts it so that it is delivered in the way the audience expects to receive it.

Cuts through the clutter

Many recipients will spend a large part of each day being sold. This can build a barrier through which each sales pitch has to pass. Suddenly receiving a much softer selling message, one that talks where much else shouts, can gain their attention simply by its difference.

Creates regular news

Journalists, editors and producers like to build a network of sources; people they can contact when they are seeking something to write about. Delivering regular, but not too frequent, press releases can place you into that category. It’s another way of making their job easier. They begin to understand and relate to your business, even feel favourably inclined towards it. Press releases, skilfully created by your PR agency, are also thoroughly versatile. You can deliver important news, such as hirings, awards, milestones, and product or service launches or upgrades. Equally, you can use them to promote notable endorsements – as well as highlight major moments such as annual performance results and the like.

Crafting that professional press release

To make the most of these valid reasons tests even the skills of the team at any professional PR service. That is why we always take the time to fully understand exactly what needs to be addressed, whether it’s a problem to be solved or news to be presented. Then, we tell those parts of the world who need to know, exactly what that business wishes to tell them.

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