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Let Online Loans Give Wings To Your Dream Of Being An Author!

The mind of an aspiring writer and even an author is never silent. There is a lot of chaos of thoughts and words consistently going on in their heads. They just want an outlet for their story and words that are waiting in their heads to be told to the world.

As is the perception of many around us, you do not earn very much being a writer. I would like to point out JK Rowling and George RR Martin here.

Though the journey to become author never pays, there is a definite pay cheque at the end. Surviving through this journey is the biggest challenge for any writer. While being in a job will divide your focus and attention from your book, being unemployed will cause survival issues.

Let us talk about both aspects of this roadmap.

Being Employed
Being Employed

Being Employed

Doing a full-time job leaves you with less number of hours for writing and developing your ideas. Though a regular pay cheque keeps your finances in place, it can delay the publishing of your book. You have to be serious and dedicated towards your writing if you are in fact an aspiring writer.

Given that you draw your budget around your finances, you still might need extra money to take your book forward. This can be for doing in depth research, travelling somewhere to get the details in your book right, setting up interviews to put your views into place or anything that you know would perfect your writing.

For this added expense, you can take 12 month payday loans, so that you do not have to disturb your finances. You can pay off this borrowed money by taking out small instalments from your pay cheque each month.

Being Unemployed
Being Unemployed

Being Unemployed

Loans for unemployed with bad credit or no guarantor are also available online to solve your financial troubles. Your part time job may not cover all your household and writing expenses. You are surely going to need some extra money to depend upon.

Just focus on completing your book and returns will follow in time. There are always options available if you feel short of money.

Next Step

Now when financial worries are sorted, move on to the next steps of being a published author.

1. Finish your Book: Sort your finances and income first, and then only concentrate on finishing your book. You cannot approach any publisher unless you have a completed manuscript in your hand. You can impress someone as long as you have a book with a climax and closure.

2. Draft a compelling and professional Agent Query Letter: Once you are done with the book, start looking for agents who might be interested in getting your writing published. The first step towards this is to draft a compelling and highlight the main summary of the book.

3. Be Ready for Rejection: A lot of publishers are going to reject your book in the beginning. Do not get disheartened and accept this as standard procedure. New writers have waited for two to three years before a publisher signed them. Be mentally prepared to accept rejections.

4. Do Not stop Writing: Remind yourself why you wanted to be a writer in the first place. Pouring your thoughts out on a paper gives you joy and peace. While waiting around to get a call from a publishing house, continue writing. Write a sequel or dive into another project maybe. Restrain from pulling away from writing altogether. This would be helpful in staying motivated along the road.

Remember, not getting published does not make you a bad writer. Most famous author have faced multiple rejections in their lives and still managed to climb to the top by trying. Keep sending your manuscripts to different publishing houses. You do not know when you just might get that stroke of luck.

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