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It’s A Skill To Master These Ten Techniques For Enhancing Marketing And Public Relations.

Marketing and PR are two distinct disciplines that often overlap. They both involve communicating information to potential customers or clients. The difference between them lies in their goals. Marketing aims to sell a product or service, whereas PR seeks to influence public opinion.

Here’s a quick overview of each discipline, along with some examples of brands that excel at each.


What is it? Marketing is the process of selling products and services to consumers. It includes advertising, promotions, branding, sales, etc.

Why do we need it? Marketing helps companies make money by helping them reach new markets and increase profits. For example, when Apple launched its first iPhone, they needed to market the phone to consumers. This meant creating an ad campaign to get people interested in buying the phone.

Who does it? Companies like Apple and Google use marketing to create brand awareness for themselves.


What is it? Public Relations is the practice of managing the image of a company or organization. It involves influencing media coverage, building relationships with journalists, and promoting positive publicity.

Why do we Need it? Public Relations can help organizations build trust with consumers, investors, and other stakeholders. A good example of this is the way that McDonald’s has been able to maintain high levels of customer loyalty despite being criticized for poor food quality.

Who Does it? Organizations like Nike, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola have all used public relations to promote their brands.

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What is it? Marketing & PR combined is the art of using both marketing and public relations to achieve business objectives.

Why do we want it? When done right, combining these two disciplines can be extremely effective. In fact, many successful businesses combine marketing and PR into one department called “marketing communications.”

Who Does it? Some of the best marketers and public relations professionals work together to develop strategies that maximize the effectiveness of both disciplines.


What is it? Branding is the process of developing a unique identity for your company. Brands include logos, slogans, colors, fonts, packaging, websites, etc.

Why Do We Want it? Branded images are more memorable than generic ones. When someone sees a logo on a package or billboard, they immediately associate it with a particular product or service.

Who Does it?: Many companies hire professional graphic designers to create branded identities for them.


What is it? Advertising is any message designed to attract attention and persuade people to buy something. Ads range from TV commercials to billboards to magazine ads.

Why Do We Need it? Advertising helps companies reach potential customers. It also allows them to spend less time and resources on sales and focus on growing their business instead.

Who Does it: Companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple all rely heavily on advertising to generate revenue.


What is it? Sales is the act of persuading people to buy products or services. It includes things like cold calling, email selling, and face-to-face interactions.

Why Do We Have it? Selling makes money because it generates profit. If you sell enough stuff, then you will eventually make a profit.

Who Does it : Businesses like Amazon, Apple, and eBay all depend on sales to bring in revenue.

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What is it? Leadership is the ability to influence others to get what you want. Leaders inspire followers by setting goals and showing how to achieve those goals.

Why Do We need it? Good leaders motivate employees to perform better and keep everyone working toward common goals. They also help teams stay focused on achieving success.

Who does it? You probably know some great leaders at work. People who lead effectively are usually respected by their peers and superiors.


What is it? Management is the process of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling an organization. Managers set goals, assign tasks, monitor performance, and evaluate results.

Why Do We want it? Having good management skills means having the ability to plan ahead and execute well. This lets you avoid problems before they arise.

Who Does it? Most managers have a background in either accounting or engineering. However, there are plenty of other jobs available in this field as well.


What is it? Communication is the exchange of ideas and information between two or more individuals. Communicating involves listening, speaking, writing, reading, and observing.

Why do we need it? Communication is essential for learning, understanding, and collaboration. Without communication, we would be unable to share knowledge, solve problems, or build relationships.

Who Does it? Anyone can communicate. Some people are naturally gifted at communicating while others must practice and develop these skills.


What is it? Technology is the use of science and engineering to design and build tools that improve efficiency and productivity.

Why do we want it? Technology has made our lives easier. For example, technology has allowed us to connect with each other through social media sites and mobile apps.

Who Does it? Technological advancements happen every day. The best way to learn about new technologies is to read blogs and news articles.

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