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Company Culture & Lessons from the Companies

Company culture, a wise man once told me, eats strategy for breakfast. I couldn’t agree with you more. A strong company culture, combined with effective internal communication, is the best way to engage the team that drives the company’s success. A team member who has been involved is more pleased at work, and happiness is communicable. As a result, the team is effective and efficient, and everyone is doing their best.

This assists the company in upholding its brand promise to its customers. An unengaged employee is the polar opposite. Employees who are dissatisfied with the company frequently feel undervalued at work. Some people may deliberately sabotage the company’s efforts. Finally, it can lead to issues with customer service and have a negative impact on the bottom line.

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What is the significance of your brand promise both internally and externally?

Every department in the organization is in contact with the commitment that your brand makes. If your team does not believe in the promises made by the company’s products or services, you can bet that those who have come into contact with your company do as well. Others will eventually learn about it, just as they did with the infamous Honda CR-V case in 2005.

Honda’s core values are superior customer service and high-quality products, according to the company. This was not the case for Duenphen Silaket, who stated that she had aspired to and saved for a Honda CR-V. Unfortunately, when she finally got one, the red-license plate vehicle had a slew of mechanical issues. Honda executives’ smug demeanour exacerbated the situation. She contacted the media and smashed her new car in public. It sparked a media frenzy, with images of Duenphen appearing in a variety of outlets. There were also a number of imitators. Eventually, the issue was resolved, but not without some damage to Honda’s brand image.

Lessons from the companies voted to be the best places to work:

Google: The company is well-known for providing many benefits to its employees, including a gourmet restaurant that serves all three meals for free, as well as medical and dental facilities. It also provides employees with a 5-year leave of absence and USD150,000 in educational funds.

In reality, Google does more than just provide excellent benefits to its employees. The main reason it is a great place to work is that the company believes that treating people well is more important than making a lot of money. Google accomplishes this by respecting its employees, encouraging their creative endeavours, and adhering to the company’s motto, “Don’t be evil.”

Zappos: According to Tony Hsieh, CEO of mega online shoe retailer, “a company’s culture and a company’s brand are really just two sides of the same coin.” Unlike other companies that define happiness as a result of success, Zappos sees happiness as a key business driver. Huang characteristics employee happiness to four criteria:

  1. Perception control.
  2. Perceived advancement.
  3. Connectedness (number and intensity of partnerships).
  4. Being part of something special than yourself.
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He needs to continue, “It actually doesn’t matter what their core values are.” What matters is that you do have them and are committed to them. And by committing to them, you’re saying you’re willing to hire or fire people based on them, regardless of job performance.” You don’t have to be a billion-dollar corporation to launch a company culture and internal communications programme. What is important is that you define the values that are most important to your organisation. Once these have been established and communicated, create activities to support them.

We value exchanges, ideas, teamwork, and a job well done as a communication agency. We take our team out to lunch once a week. We start debating both personal and professional concerns while eating. We also conduct a weekly review of all projects to keep everyone up to date on the current project. At the same time, team members can provide us with updates on any problems they are having. It allows us to collaborate as a group to find a solution.

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