Like any other country in the world, there are definite rules and laws that you need to follow when making real estate dealings such as buying and selling of property in Pakistan. Approximately for last five years, the real estate market of Pakistan has shown an enormous drift. More and more people are investing in new projects in Lahore,Islamabad, Karachi, Gwadar and other major cities.

Purchasing a property can sometimes become a difficult task, particularly when you are new to the realm of real estate in Pakistan. When you enter the market with cash in your pocket, everything looks appealing and rosy. Property agents will make you trust that you are a step away from earning masses by investing in their ventures. This may be correct in uncommon instances, but there are high probabilities that you end up getting your money caught in a shady or dead scheme.

Steps To Follow When Buying A Property In Pakistan

Considering the trend of potential buying of real estate property and transactions, here are important seven steps to follow when buying a property in Pakistan and to avoid frauds.

1. Locate The Correct Agent

This one is dubious and doesn’t have a straight answer. You have to talk and meet numerous specialists. Simply pick a specialist who cites a value closest to your assessed market value. Don’t simply get inspired from their lavish workplaces, instructed emphasize, or various representatives working under them.

After locating the right agent, find out about the reputation of the sponsor in the market, check the following information regarding the project:

  • Total land area of the scheme
  • LOP offered by relevant development authority
  • NOC offered by relevant development authority

Whatever data you receive from the agent, just go and cross check from appropriate development authority like LDA, KDA, RDA, CDA, etc. If the venture is approved, and has its NOC offered by the related authority, put the scheme in your white list, if consents are under process, keep it in your grey list, and if it is illegitimate, position it in a black list.

2. Meet And Consult With Proprietor Up Close And Personal

Ask your specialist to setup a small meeting with proprietor. Never make an arrangement with operator straightforwardly. Confirm possession by cross checking the distribution/exchange letter with the NIC. Numerous specialist will rationalize that proprietor isn’t around the local area or is abroad. Simply don’t purchase those reasons and leave the arrangement. Consider this point when buying residential plots for sale in Bahria Town Lahore,Islamabad and Karachi.

3. Do Your Own Examination

Don’t simply confide in specialists or agents. Do your examination utilizing diverse property portals like,, etc. The vast majority of the costs in these portals are requests that are 20– 30% more noteworthy than the genuine market cost.

4. Discover The Market Estimation Of The Property

So you found a property that grabbed your attention? Fantastic! Presently, you have to discover its fairly estimated worth. You needn’t bother with a PhD to do it. You can trap similar specialists to discover the market estimation of a specific property. These steps will help you out.

  • Consider Agent A who list the plot and get some information about its last cost. Lets state he quote value X.
  • Call another Agent B managing in a similar zone. Ask him you have that plot and needs to offer it. He will cite you value Y.
  • Presently figure it out: M = (X+Y)/2; M is your assessed market worth.

By following these steps, you can surely get benefit dorm cheap property for sale in Lahore and other major cities of Pakistan.

5. Give Token Cash To Conclude The Arrangement

Amazing, I trust they didn’t drag you much in transaction. When you conclude the cost and installment terms, you have to pay proprietor a token cash with the goal that you both get bound to the arrangement. Do request a receipt from proprietor/specialist about the token cash. Couple of things to deal with when buying DHA Lahore plots for saleand property in other societies:

  • Your token cash ought to be in the middle of rupees 50K to 1Lac.
  • You should take a duplicate of assignment or exchange letter.
  • Token receipt must have total location or record number of a property.
  • Token receipt must make reference to that the property doesn’t has any prosecution or due installments.
  • This token cash is included in a complete cost of a property.

6. Request That Your Operator Check Distribution Or Exchange Letter

Indeed, that is a piece of the agent’s commission to give you a protected arrangement. You don’t have to pay your specialist anything till this point. On the off chance that you have time and you are managing a specialist out of the blue, better go with him to the general public’s office to cross check its status. This is an important point when you are considering buying Lake City and Bahria Orchard residential plots for sale.

7. Pay Utilizing Bank Pay Orders

Keep away from paying by money. Continuously better and secure to pay utilizing pay orders. Here are some different things to remember. Every general public has various principles for Taxation. Should compose a different article on this.  Specialist’s bonus is 1% of an all out cost.

Final Word

Real estate ventures can be good or bad. A good property can give you a fortune, while a bad one may get jammed for years without any profit, or you may have to bear some damage to get rid of it. This all relies on your future projections, homework and most importantly external factors like disapproving decisions by the Court or the Government, or postponements in mega development ventures. Being an investor, you cannot always make correct decisions, but you can diminish the risk of damage by doing your proper assignment before a final decision. If your close relatives or friends are involved in real estate ventures, you should seek their guidance before you enter this never ending market.



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